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Atech Designs, Inc., Commercial Products Manufacturers, Hampton, NH

Medical Device Product Development and Consulting

ATech Designs, Inc. is a seven-time award winning medical device product development, design and consulting company. We start with ideas and use thorough German engineering practices to design and develop them into high quality, manufacturable, profitable products. We take great pride in our systematic, thorough and efficient approach. This approach guides us through every step in the development of each of our products, across every aspect of our business.

We have worked with clients in many different fields of work including the Medical Product Device Design and Development industry.  The types of medical products ATech Designs, Inc. has developed include medical disposables, medical devices, laparoscopic devices, anastomotic connectors, catheters, intravenous (IV) devices, mitral valve repair devices, non-invasive surgical instruments, and knitted multi-pole pockets for RF endometrial ablation.  Beyond the Medical Product Device Design and Development industry, other products ATech Designs, Inc. has developed include knitting machines, looms, plasma arc cutters, precision/power resistors, and manufacturing/automation equipment.

In addition to Product Development and Design, ATech Designs, Inc. has a team of professional consulting engineers that have the knowledge and experience to assist you with services such as polymer selection, manufacturing, product assembly, new product testing and also are available to serve as an expert court witness in patent and liability litigation matters.

Our comprehensive services include:

Product Design and DevelopmentMachine DesignPolymer SelectionDetail DraftingFinite Element Analysis (FEA)ManufacturingFACTTM Molding

Product Assembly Product TestingRoot Cause Analysis / Dynamic Mechanical AnalysisAnimal StudiesClinical StudiesExpert Court WitnessDesign Prototyping

ATech Designs, Inc.

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Proudly serving clients in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, California and other surrounding regions in the U.S.A.

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